Chapter One: A new World on Earth:

Sam is a man. He loves treasure hunting around the world. He is the first character to choose on the sploder arcade creator.

Mike is Sam’s assistant. He steers the boat and leads Sam to his destination. He is also a master of disguise.

Setting: in a boat in the mist near the depths of the Bahamas. “The area is dark and intriguing; the mist is hard to look through. But, there is no time to turn around now. My name is Sam; I am on a quest to find the Mozenma treasure… Midnight…

“Okay, it’s really is dark here. I think its best we turn on the lights”. Mike said.

“No Mike. I think someone is following us"; Sam said. turning on the lights will possibly make them know our location. Yes, but the darkness is too much for me. I need to turn on the lights. Mike said again. Alright fine, but if we get caught…"


"Well what do ya know! We’re here!" Mike shouted.

"Where is 'Here'?'" Asked Sam.

"I... have no idea!"

"It appears we made it to Mozenma Island." Mike Suggested. "or did we"?

They both walked off the boat cautiously; looking around making sure nobody was watching or following them. Then suddenly they see a sign there. The sign reads in pixels “Welcome to the Armageddon Isles: Enter if you dare!”

"Ok, we are so turning around!" Mike said with a great gasp in fear.

"Too late for that mike, I will go see what this 'Enter if you dare' thing is all about. You can stay here and guard the ship."

"Sam wait!" Mike shouted.

"Yes Mike?"

"Take this communication device; use this to communicate during your journey."

"Ok Mike, let’s just hope I don’t get lost."

What happens next? Find out on the next chapter of Mozenma Legends. (This story cannot be copied or edited.)